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LKQ Europe

Discovery and technical architecting for collision parts e-ordering system.


LKQ Europe is a leading distributor of car, LCV and speciality parts, operating in three key markets – trade, retail and collision. 

A pivotal component of their collision parts sales process is an automated system that produces high volumes of cost estimates quickly and efficiently from multiple insurance companies and garage management feeds. Their existing platform was approaching its end-of-life and needed to be overhauled. Due to the complex nature of this project, an initial programme of discovery was required to define the full requirements of a new state-of-the-art solution.




Partners & Tech

Key Metrics

Discovery Workshops

To kick-start the project, 9xb hosted a series of workshops with key stakeholders to explore the system requirements. This included a thorough review of the existing documentation and a walkthrough of the current platform & admin tools. In these sessions, key functionality requirements were mapped, along with understanding key user journeys and identifying different user types.

Technical Evaluation

Following evaluation of data formats, integrations, required business logic, user interface and infrastructure, our in-house scoping team expertly designed a new system workflow. During this methodical process, our team explored and tested integration requirements with internal and external services as well as analysing sample data, projected users, traffic and order volumes. Finalising this process, hosting infrastructure, post-launch maintenance and DR requirements were defined to ensure the system delivers against every eventuality.

Detailed Documentation

The extensive project scoping is comprehensively detailed in a shared and approved document. The core components of the document include non-functional requirements and system functionality such as data handling, system outputs, opportunity management, order processing, user management and much more.

Resourcing and Delivery Plan 

Ending the discovery process, we provided the client with the likely resource requirements based on the defined requirements and associated dependencies for the development of the new platform. The full discovery process has enabled LKQ Europe to evaluate the business case and seek proposals from potential delivery partners.

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