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COVID-19 - As a modern digital business, our existing processes allow us to continue to serve the needs of our clients and ensure the wellbeing of our team through remote working. All existing clients can contact us through their normal channels of communication. For new business enquiries please call 01423 814555 or email mail@9xb.com.

Bold new eCommerce store for the UK's first Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller


What they say

“I’m delighted to say that 9xb met our expectations and frequently exceeded them, working closely with us to achieve our objectives.”
“A successful marketing plan relies heavily on the pulling-power of advertising copy. Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult.”
“The team at 9xb continually push us to deliver eye catching content, and have the expertise to ensure that content reaches our target audience, driving engagement and building loyal fans.”
“9xb showed a real understanding of our marketplace and how we could realign ourselves to become market leaders. A complete overhaul of the way in which we communicate with our target audience, means we are now reaching the right people at the right time. And most importantly sales are up ‐ significantly.”
“You responded well to our brief, you challenged the M&S team at the right time and you offered solutions to problems. You were a pleasure to work with each day."
“Getting our ERP and website to communicate has always been a challenge. Our PIM is the backbone to our business, so having a website partner who understands our infrastructure and a flexible platform that easily integrates with third party apps, means we can grow quickly. “