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Powering B2B eCommerce for the UK's Top Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Distributor


Since 1979, Kooltech has been a cornerstone in the UK's refrigeration and air conditioning industry, serving as Mitsubishi's largest UK wholesaler. With plans to expand, Kooltech recognised the need for a robust digital platform that could integrate seamlessly with their existing ERP. After encountering challenges with their previous provider, which primarily focused on retail clients, Kooltech sought a tailored solution that would cater specifically to their B2B operations.

Their new site, developed by 9xb, not only enhances ERP integration but also introduces self-serve account features and a bespoke quote tool, marking a significant advancement in how Kooltech serves its customers and manages its extensive product catalogue. This strategic overhaul has positioned Kooltech to better meet the evolving needs of their buyers while supporting their continued growth.


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Real-time branch stock visibility and collection times

Kooltech’s customers can now see the actual availability of products at different branches instantly, enabling them to quickly identify if their branch has the required items in stock and make an informed purchasing decision. Live stock data is pulled from Kooltech ERP’s system, Kerridge.

"Order fulfilment to nearest branch" custom business logic

Orders are routed to the nearest branch based on the customer’s delivery postcode, reducing the need for a Kooltech member of staff to manually review and assign orders to branches, increasing efficiency and the speed Kooltech can fulfil orders.

Trade portal with customer invoices and account payments

Kooltech’s customers can now manage their invoices and make payments against their account  from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier for professionals to stay on top of their accounts outside of normal office hours.

Customer-specific experiences

Kooltech’s B2B eCommerce store now reflects the offline experience of the relationship with their customers. The store pulls in their specific customer pricing, their credit limit and restricts what products they can and can’t buy depending on if they are F-Gas registered.

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