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JT Dove

Dual online experience empowers B2B and B2C users to self-serve.


JT Dove is a leading independent builder's merchant covering the North East, Scottish Borders, Cumbria & Teesside. After experiencing in-store growth from both B2B and B2C audiences, it was essential that JT Dove’s eCommerce store could offer the scalability and flexibility needed to adapt to evolving customer demands and help to match the high revenue from their flagship branch.



UX/UI Design

Peracto eCommerce development

Custom business logic


Partners & Tech

Key Metrics

Technical project scoping 

The initial scoping phase of the eCommerce website included technical consultancy, scoping, UX consultancy, design and prototyping. At this stage, all the project requirements were defined, including concept design visuals, detailed timescales and a total project cost. 

DIY (B2C) and Trade (B2B) self-serve website

JT Dove caters for a dual audience by permitting users to create an online account that matches their requirements, such as a Credit, Cash or a Self-Build Credit account. The ‘My Dove’ account area provides the users with information from credit account balance, spend, details on last payment and empowers the user to pay invoices directly from the account. 

Custom PDP and checkout process for buying timber products 

To overcome the complexity of selling set lengths of timber, custom business logic was developed. This enables JT Dove to automatically calculate their timber stock which is costed per metre via their ERP into set lengths on the website that users expect. 

Exceptional omnichannel experience 

JT Dove offer an exceptional omnichannel experience through 1 hour clicks and collection, ability to check available stock in branches and free delivery straight to your door or if a trade user, straight to site. Users can also take advantage of the ‘Add to list’ functionality to build wish lists and quotes in their personalised account area - ready to purchase online or in-store.

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