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Excavator Parts Direct

4x multilingual sites for EPD drive sales through a stable and scalable platform for future growth.


Excavator Parts Direct (EPD) part of the Astrak Group, had clear objectives to increase online revenue, expand their eCommerce offering into new territories & customers bases and to reduce the cost of sale through self-service capabilities - all to be developed in a scalable online platform.

The result is 4x user friendly, multilingual Shopify stores , offering EPD customers an excellent user experience through stand out features such as a Parts Finder and sophisticated Account area.


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Key Metrics


Increase in revenue


Increase in transactions


Increase in users

4x Multilingual Shopify stores

With markets in the UK, Holland, Germany and Ireland, EPD required 4x eCommerce stores to cater for each audience. Built using Shopify, EPD is able to drive a consistent experience across all 4 stores, including the ability to configure currencies and content for each specific audience. 

Parts Finder

Prominently displayed in the user journey, the Parts Finder enables a website user to search for parts based on the following criteria: Manufacturer, Model and Product type. Powered by PRG data, the Parts Finder is a stand out feature that delights EPD’s customers - supporting the increase in sales.

Netsuite ERP integration

Integration with Netsuite ensures all product, price and stock information works together with the Shopify platform - increasing efficiency for their business.

Inspiring UX

The mobile optimised site gives the user a fast, self service experience. Stand out features that support the user journey include the Algolia powered site search, cross selling features on every product page, live chat, reviews, same day dispatch and in stock notifications - all which support the increase in AOV and loyalty.

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