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Arleigh Group

Multiple eCommerce stores served from a central website application.


Arleigh Group is the market leading UK distributor of parts and accessories to the mobile and static home, towing vehicle and marine sectors. Serving each market through a distinct brand, Arleigh needed a website that offered comprehensive product management features and a seamless buying experience.


Partners & Tech

Key Metrics

"Getting our ERP and website to communicate has always been a challenge. Our PIM is the backbone to our business, so having a website partner who understands our infrastructure and a flexible platform that easily integrates with third party apps, means we can grow quickly."

Buying list for repeat orders

Allows users to quickly find favourite products, add them to basket and save for future orders.

Multiple Integrations

Built on Peracto, the eCommerce store integrates with Kerridge and Agility PIM to automate workflows, avoid duplication, improve efficiency and deliver a consistent customer experience across all touch points.

Personalised stock and pricing

Comprehensive platform features allow pricing and stock levels to be set at account level.

Address Book

Allows customers to store addresses associated with their account for faster checkout.

Client success stories

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