Is your website optimised?

Is your website optimised?

Get more from your Commerce store

In this short post, we uncover how 9xb helps businesses to get more from their existing eCommerce store without the need to re-platform.

There are multiple ways you can make your website work harder to achieve greater sales and turnover. eCommerce growth has never been so strong, but to keep up, businesses need to think beyond investing in marketing and move their thinking towards onsite conversions. Why spend hefty marketing budgets on driving traffic to your website if that traffic isn’t converting?

Can your eCommerce store achieve a 120% increase in online revenue? 

When you make it easy for your consumers to find products and checkout, your eCommerce store has the potential to grow. Take Watco for example, who over the last 12 months, have made a significant investment in commerce and digital technology to strengthen their online trading capabilities. This included a programme of innovation and continual improvement to their B2B website, to deliver customer-focused changes that transformed the shopping experience and allow for easier, self-serve purchasing. 

Watco on mobile

From streamlining the purchasing process to delivering user-focused features such as a product comparison tool, Watco enhanced their eCommerce store, creating an exceptional user experience. This not only supported a 120% increase in online revenue but saw them pick up an award for B2B Website of the Year 2021

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Conversion Rate Optimisation 

No doubt you have multiple actions you want to track on your website, from how many users ‘add to cart’, fill out a form or even click on a particular link. The main focus should be to set what ‘good’ looks like, so you know what you want to achieve. And how you reach your goal is through implementing a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) strategy which will help increase the percentage of users who performs those desired actions. 

When planning a successful CRO strategy, both quantitative and qualitative data is essential. Quantitative data can be easily gained through your analytics tool and additionally through the likes of heatmaps and funnel tools to gain an understanding of clicks, scrolls, user drop-off and general website traffic. Qualitative data is gained through first-hand insights, website feedback, user journey recordings, reviews and usability testing tools. 

User research and testing 

How well do you know your customer segments? This is key to ensuring you're delivering the best user journeys and therefore experience for them across your website. Analyse audience and data analytics to define great user journeys that will convert.

Regular user research and testing will help you keep engaged with your audience, cater for their quickly evolving needs, and help identify opportunities to improve your website performance. 

Competitor analysis

In this new era of eCommerce, consumers expectations are evolving faster than ever. Those that can keep up with new and even upcoming trends will see greater returns. By continually gaining competitive insight, your business can differentiate itself from competitors and stay ahead of the game.

Running towards eCommerce success 

Entering fresh into the running and fitness market, wanted to launch a new Shopify store with its target audience fully at its core. Partnering with 9xb, the Success Team conducted competitor benchmarking to identify key opportunities that would set them apart from other retailers.

The competitor benchmarking supported both the development of the brand proposition and the overall brand design. And, just importantly, highlighted key onsite features that would create a great user experience, including a fast site search, varied and quick payment methods, clear navigation with A-Z brand search and sophisticated account area for customers. 


Products can be found with limited clicks and with a high emphasis on product merchandising, high-quality imagery and detailed product descriptions enable users to quickly make an informed decision to purchase.

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UI & UX improvements

Many UI and UX improvements, come from all the information gained from the above actions. UI and UX designers are able to translate unmet user needs into visual and customer-centric user journeys that can be implemented across your website. 

Product merchandising 

Great merchandising is one of the biggest wins for eCommerce businesses. If boosting sales is one of your key business objectives, merchandising can help you achieve this by connecting shoppers with the right products, at the right time. 

By leveraging data, you can make more impactful decisions to convert more traffic. This can be through personalised experiences, visual merchandising, user-generated content and A/B testing. 

It’s time to get more from your eCommerce store

When partnering with 9xb to get more from your eCommerce store, you’ll work closely with a dedicated eCommerce Success Manager who will essentially become an extension of your team. Not only that, you’ll have a whole eCommerce Success team at your fingertips, including; UX and UI designers, eCommerce Consultants, eCommerce Executives and Developers. They’ll work closely with you to understand your business and develop ongoing short, medium and long terms goals to actively achieve. 

It really is time to get more from your eCommerce store. Find out more about improving your eCommerce business on our Optimise page.

Undecided whether to re-platform or get more from your existing store?

If you’re still questioning whether it’s your technology that needs updating over-improving your existing eCommerce store. Our team of consultants can help you to identify your full business requirements to achieve success. 

Our eCommerce Consultants work closely with you to explore all aspects of your project from platform decisions, integrations, performance and much more - for full services, visit our Discovery page

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