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Today’s buyers rely on fast and easy ways to purchase their goods. As buyers demands increase, trade businesses are under pressure to deliver personalised and connected experiences. At 9xb, we remove eCommerce barriers to deliver effective user experiences that increase loyalty and improve online revenue.

Why partner with 9xb

We work closely with trade-only suppliers across a wide range of industries including; builders merchants, plumbing merchants, kitchen specialists, paint suppliers and more to create first-class online stores and results-driven strategy for eCommerce growth.

eCommerce platform for your ERP 
Future proof your trade-only business with a headless eCommerce platform that provides high-performance integration with your ERP to seamlessly manage inventory, orders and fulfilment.

Enhance user experiences with trade features 
70% of B2B buyers now prefer a self service approach when purchasing goods. We’ll help you to swiftly adapt to their needs through intuitive trade features.

Leverage D2C strategy to drive sales 
Boost your market share through a direct-to-consumer channel that will increase revenue without relying on your reseller or channel partners.

Increase margins through new and existing channels 
Boost your market share and adapt to changes in buyer behaviour quickly and efficiently by adopting new technologies and business models. 

eCommerce platforms

We match your business and buyer needs to the right technology. Our experts can advise on other platforms - just get in touch with us to discuss.

ERP Integration

Automate processes, keep inventory up-to-date and sell more with our unrivalled ERP experience. We work with a multitude of ERP systems, including Kerridge, SAP, Microsoft and much more.

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Part of the Arleigh Group, ASAP Supplies is one of the UK’s largest stockists of marine equipment and spare parts. Their large product catalogue of over 12,000 stock lines is available for both D2C and B2B trade customers.

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