Not ready for eCommerce but considering it?

Not ready for eCommerce but considering it?

How a non-transactional site can boost sales and improve customer loyalty 

Over the last 2 years, we have seen the fastest digital acceleration yet, with businesses looking to bolster online capabilities and adopt more intelligent omnichannel experiences to keep up with the needs of today’s buyers. Covid-19’s impact on online shopping demand saw an eCommerce surge, alongside this saw a trend in leveraging non-transactional sites to support offline sales, build brand awareness and drive brand loyalty. 

The meaning of non-transactional 

By non-transactional, we simply mean that you’re not able to physically purchase products or services online. With a non-transactional site, businesses can drive offline sales and enquiries through customer-centric features. We often refer to non-transactional as a brochure or catalogue site. 

Examples of a non-transactional site: 

  • Product catalogue - From limited product data to thousands of SKUs, use a product catalogue website with sophisticated on-site search to drive offline sales.  
  • Brochure website  - Build brand awareness and drive in-store footfall with an expertly designed brochure website. 
  • Account area - Your products might not be directly sold online but this doesn’t mean you can’t automate the buying process. With an account area, allow your buyers to see their purchase history and allow them to pay on account. 
  • Password protected content  - Restrict access to exclusive trade pricing/offers through password protected online content.
  • Quote tool  - Give your buyers the ability to create their own estimates through a quote tool, making the buying process quick and hassle-free. 
  • Product comparison tool - Empower your buyers to find the right products for their needs with a product comparison tool. 
  • Data sheets and technical specifications - Keep all your data sheets and specifications in one place and make them easily accessible for your buyers to view and download. 

The perfect platform for non-transactional sites

In reality, non-transactional sites hold the same core functionality as eCommerce sites with the check-out process removed or hidden. Therefore businesses still require a platform that can offer flexible product management and also have a powerful CMS. 

Peracto offers leading features and functionality needed to deliver a best-in-class website, and with the added bonus, any non-transactional website can quickly be configured to include eCommerce functionality if needed in the future. Take a look at some Peracto powered non-transactional sites below: 

Benchmarx Kitchens 


Benchmarx required a non-transactional site to support footfall into physical showrooms and boost design consultation bookings. This was all successfully achieved through customer-led features, from handy hotspots to professional product photography - all of which help to empower the customers to design their dream kitchen.

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The UK’s leading supplier of high-quality excavator parts required a secure portal where their trade users can manage their account, including viewing previous purchase history and making payments on account. The intelligent portal feeds pricing and products that are customised to the logged-in user. The portal integrates heavily with their ERP (NetSuite) and handles complex fitment logic to allow users to find the right part for their digger via the part finder. 

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Meyer Timber 

With hundreds of product SKUs and complex product variants, Meyer Timber increases its traditional B2B sales through a non-transactional website. Their site is completely designed around their buyer's needs, enabling them to create a trade account, build a quote, order samples, sign-up for their newsletter and download specifications and fact sheets. 

If you’re not ready for eCommerce but need the functionality, at 9xb we can support you make key decisions on the right technology, functionality and features that will drive success for your business. 

Get in touch with one of our eCommerce experts to find out more. 

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