Leading B2B brands like Jigsaw24 and Benchmarx Kitchens transform traditional B2B eCommerce into aspirational experiences.

Leading B2B brands like Jigsaw24 and Benchmarx Kitchens transform traditional B2B eCommerce into aspirational experiences.

B2C retailers have long boasted of trendsetting eCommerce features that help enhance a customers experience (CX) online. As B2C flourished within the eCommerce market, B2B traditionally lagged behind.

In recent years, B2B industries have experienced significant online growth, with buyers favouring eCommerce over the traditional sales representative to complete their business-level transactions.

This increase has seen B2B dominate the eCommerce space, in fact, according to Statista the value of the global B2B eCommerce market is a whopping 6 times greater than B2C. And, with B2B online sales increasing YOY, those who invest in their eCommerce platform and digital strategy will benefit the most from this lucrative market.

An additional factor that we can not escape is the impact of Covid-19. With buyers forced into lockdown, online sales boomed, including B2B purchases which rose from 41% before lockdown to 46% during lockdown (The B2B Future Shopper report 2020).

From transactional to aspirational

It’s clear to see that B2B industries are reacting to the demand for eCommerce but how many are providing a seamless journey that caters to B2B’s often complex purchasing processes?

More than a quarter of B2B buyers say they would like to see the purchasing process improved through faster checkouts, easier repeat ordering, quicker delivery and improved tracking. They also demand simplified and seamless user journeys with 46% of B2B customers admitting that they find buying online more complicated than offline. (Sana’s B2B Buying Process Report)

B2B eCommerce platforms need to deliver against all these complex order requirements to avoid buyers searching for alternative, offline channels. B2B eCommerce leaders know that customer experience is the gateway to growth. 90% believe CX is crucial to their companies’ strategic priorities. And, 75% believe CX will be even more important in the next two years. (Accenture)

One B2B company who recognises the importance of great customer experiences is IT reseller and service provider, Jigsaw24. Their eCommerce site is packed with enriched features that take their users on a seamless journey from beginning to end.

Jigsaw24 partnered with 9xb to develop their eCommerce store using the Peracto platform. The platform delivers numerous B2B features and boasts of enhanced content capabilities, giving Jigsaw24’s in-house design team the tools they need to create rich, B2C inspired content that their customers expect.

Their eCommerce store removes traditional B2B barriers, making it easier and quicker to purchase products and solutions online - with user friendly features such as a bespoke customer portal, quick order pad, hassle-free quoting tool, intelligent product comparison tool and custom product alerts.

The outcome has seen an increase of engagement across the site, resulting in 23% more online users and a 20% increase in online revenue.

As the B2B eCommerce market grows, so does competition. Benchmarx Kitchens & Joinery, part of Travis Perkins PLC, identified that their site was under performing. With well-known competitors within the marketplace, it was crucial for Benchmarx to make significant changes to their eCommerce store to boost engagement and maximise sales.

Partnering with 9xb’s UX Lab, competitor research, user behaviour mapping and proposition refinement helped to identify key areas of improvements and through audience insights, Benchmarx identified a need to cater for a B2C audience as well as their long-standing trade users.

Two user journeys were developed on one site using the experience optimisation tool Monetate. Strong merchandising, refined technical data, stock information and a trade portal boosted trade activity whilst customer focused tools such as a branch finder, free home surveys, brochure requests and reviews supported the new B2C element of their business.

Benchmarx achieved outstanding results, including a 23% increase in conversion rate, 106% increase in total enquiries, 33% increase in online trade account holders and 120% increase in survey requests.

Looking ahead
It’s clear to see that B2B eCommerce is experiencing a major shift in purchasing behaviour. With the increasing demand for a B2C shopping experience and a move away from traditional sales representatives to a self-service approach - B2B retailers need to instinctively adapt to survive.

9xb’s UX Lab supports businesses to achieve the greatest possible eCommerce success. Using a blend of techniques, including competitor analysis, usability testing, customer journey mapping and much more, we’re able to identify and deliver key changes that will transform the customer experience and deliver results.

Talk to the 9xb UX Lab team to get more from your eCommerce store.

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