Get more from
your eCommerce store

Deliver exceptional customer experience to boost revenue

Get more from your eCommerce store


At 9xb, we understand that customer experience is central to achieving eCommerce success. Our dedicated UX 
Lab uses a multidisciplinary approach, focusing on Insight, Experience and Growth to create a tailored
 solution to boost your online store. 

Led by a team of eCommerce specialists, the UX Lab delivers:



Using data-driven techniques and research analysis, we’ll help you understand your position in the marketplace, your customers behaviour, their expectations and how you can improve.


Webstore performance analysis
Customer journey mapping 
User testing
Customer feedback
Buyer Personas
Content audits
Customer acquisition/channel review
Competitor analysis




We’ll help you deliver inspired customer journeys through innovative design and engaging content that generates brand loyalty and increases customer lifetime value.


Value proposition


UX/UI design

Visual stability

Page experience optimisation

Information architecture

Mobile experience

Motion graphics/video

Webstore performance & accessibility




Ongoing optimisation, testing and innovative workflows will drive increases in Average Order Values, reduce basket abandonment and increase repeat order rates.


Conversion Rate Optimisation
A/B split testing
Micro conversions
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Multichannel Selling
Personalised experiences
Workflows/Automated communications
Payment and delivery technologies


"Since partnering with 9xb, they’ve increased our survery requests by 120% and helped us improve conversion by 23%."