The 5 most asked questions at eCommerce Expo 2019

The 5 most asked questions at eCommerce Expo 2019

Like us, you probably set out with specific objectives you hoped to achieve from attending eCommerce Expo 2019. For us, they were understanding eCommerce business needs and how our solutions address them, increasing awareness of 9xb as both an agency and platform provider, and of course, connecting with businesses and decision makers. For any business, deciding to exhibit at an event is a huge investment, and involves an inordinate amount of planning and effort from the whole team in order to make it successful. This was our first year at the show, and we were delighted to find our stand inundated with businesses looking for a new eCommerce platform, to grow their online presence, or simply talk to us about their current or ongoing challenges.

With over 15,000 visitors and 150 exhibitors, this year’s Expo exemplified a market rapidly growing in both size and complexity, with a myriad of services on offer from payment solutions to complaints handling, personalisation and review software. Through our conversations at and following the event, the common questions raised centred around five key themes.

  1. Our current platform isn’t able to manage the complexities of the business/isn’t living up to expectations
  2. Our current platform is coming to the end of it’s life and we need to transition to a new one
  3. We need to integrate our online store with a number of other systems
  4. We’re looking to move from the B2B market into B2C
  5. We need help with our eCommerce marketing strategy

We all know that times are changing for both online and offline merchants and retailers, and that meeting customer’s ever growing expectations has become an essential ingredient for success. The ability to adapt quickly to changing needs requires the right technologies and the right infrastructure, and can be expensive. Our conversations at the event demonstrate that retailers understand this and are now on the lookout for the right technologies to allow them to be more agile and deliver exceptional customer service.

During the expo we took part in two roundtable discussions hosted by UK Fast. One centred around eCommerce trends and one around customer service in eCommerce, again outlining the focus on the consumer. The discussions touched on some interesting topics, including:

eCommerce trends

Companies embracing eCommerce marketing strategies are experiencing rapid growth. In 2017 alone, there were 1.66 billion online buyers. This number is expected to skyrocket to 2.14 billion by 2021. Preparing for the exciting future of eCommerce by implementing the emerging trends of 2019 is vital.  

  • What have been the biggest trends in eCommerce this year?
  • Which trends have been the most successful this year?
  • What are the main peak seasons throughout the year and how are retailers making the most of them?

How important is it for retailers to get involved with retail events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Customer service in eCommerce

With so much focus on new customers, revenue, and the multitude of active digital marketing channels that retailers now manage, customer service is often an overlooked area of eCommerce. However, exceptional customer service in eCommerce is essential. According to research, 89% of consumers who experience poor customer service with a brand online will leave for a competitor. So, what is considered the ideal online experience and what are the key practices in customer service?  

  • How important is great customer service in eCommerce?
  • What makes great customer service?
  • What are the key practices in customer service?
  • How important is multi-channel customer service?
  • How can online retailers create great customer experience online?
  • What is the perfect online experience?

Despite a keen understanding by retailers that they need to change, and change fast, big names in the industry, including Unilever’s Data and Innovation Manager, Charlie Clinton, warned that brands are not doing enough to meet customer expectations and to provide real value. The question will be whether mid to small size businesses can afford the investment required to meet those ever scaling demands.
To view the roundtable sessions hosted by UKFast, please register via the following links.

Customer service in eCommerce
Date: Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM British Summer Time
Register here

eCommerce Trends
Date: Wednesday, November 06, 2019
Time: 11:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time
Register here

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