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Boost sales by crafting the perfect product page 

If you take a look at your analytics right now, what are your top pages beyond your homepage? They’ll most likely be your top-performing product pages, and if for some reason they’re not, it might be a good idea to look at why this is the case.  

Product pages are important to get right, as they are the pages that drive sales. And, with the perfect product page, you can look to increase conversion rate, average order values and also deliver a personalised experience that will drive loyalty that lasts. 

If your product pages fall short, not only will any marketing efforts be at a loss, but your site will not be achieving its full potential. 

In this post, we’ll take a look at best practices in delivering the perfect product page. 

Keep to the point 

The product page or as we sometimes call it, the Product Description Page (PDP), has one sole purpose - to sell the product. This is why it’s important to keep the focus of the page about the product, making it easy for users to understand and just as easy to add to basket.

Remove any unnecessary content, keep the add to basket high up the page (even making it sticky), and deliver key facts in easily digestible content areas. 

  • Product title and a brief description
  • Price
  • Product variations 
  • Top features 
  • CTA 

Multiple high-quality imagery 

When shopping online, users heavily rely on product imagery to showcase the product in its best light. Poor quality imagery can put a user off the product instantly. Just imagine if you were in-store, and the lighting was dull, the items on the shelves were a mess and layered with dust - do you think you’ll be jumping to make a purchase? I’m hoping your answer is no here, and that’s the same for online. If your product imagery is poor or non-existent, a user isn’t going to feel comfortable purchasing. High-quality imagery helps users make better-informed purchasing decisions. 

When it comes to imagery, here are our top tips: 

  • High-quality photography 
  • Be very selective on the feature image (the first one the user sees on the page) 
  • Add a gallery of multiple images showcasing different product angles 
  • Add zoom functionality 

Product imagery should be one of the first things your user sees, that’s why it’s important to showcase these at the top of your product page. Further boost engagement within this area by introducing product videos, tours, 360-degree visuals and include lifestyle shots of the product in action. 

Rich product descriptions 

Above we have talked about digestible content high up the page, but it’s still important to make sure you list all the important facts that will help a user to understand why your product is best for them. Not only will this content help the user, it’s also great for search engines too, to support more traffic to the page. 

When adding product descriptions, always think about what the user needs to know, and how can the content be laid out in a logical order to keep the user engaged and ready to buy. For example, perhaps your content can be added in a tabbed structure, or instead of text, use iconography or imagery. 

When delivering rich product descriptions, ensure you include: 

  • Unique features (USPs) 
  • Specifications 
  • How to guides

Upsell and or cross-sell 

If you’ve caught the attention of your audience, now is the perfect time to introduce other recommended products or services to help boost average order value. 

Here’s how you can upsell/cross-sell: 

  • Customers also bought/viewed 
  • Items from the same product range 
  • Related products 
  • Other items that feature in the product imagery
  • You may also like 

A lot of the above can be controlled through data to deliver personalised products to the user. 

Product reviews and social proof 

If you really believe in the product you’re selling, you should be confident to add product reviews to your eCommerce store. According to BigCommerce, more than 80% of consumers consult reviews when making a purchase, and adding them to your site can help lift sales by 18%. 

Further social proof can be added with awards and also consumer imagery. This all helps to build further trust with the brand and its products. 

Keep your page optimised 

One of the top mistakes we see being made is forgetting to optimise product pages. Maintaining your SEO can help deliver greater organic traffic to your website. When it comes to product pages, make sure you tick the following off your list: 

  • Research your product keywords (and research trends) 
  • Review what your competitors are doing 
  • Optimise metadata, including page titles and descriptions 
  • Include image alt tag descriptions 
  • Deliver strong content throughout the site and link to and from your product pages 
  • Keep image file sizes small and consistent 

Not only this, make sure your page is optimised for all devices, ensuring your site delivers the best experience possible. 


As you can see above, there are plenty of ways to help craft the perfect product page. When reviewing your product pages, put yourself in your consumer's shoes - what do they want to see/read and how easy can you make it for them to purchase. 

Keep your product pages consistent throughout your site so the user can enjoy the same great experience and instantly knows how to find the information they need. 

By mastering the perfect product page, you’ll be able to enjoy greater sales growth, higher conversion rates and increased AOV. 

Chat with our eCommerce Success team to get recommendations on how to improve your product pages. 

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