Site Search Optimisation

Increase engagement, drive conversion and build customer loyalty

Site searchers are 200% more likely to convert

Site Search Optimisation is one of the biggest wins for eCommerce businesses - generating up to 80% of revenue. Yet, only 28% of eCommerce businesses are effectively optimising this important user journey to meet buyer expectations.

Our team of eCommerce experts will analyse your customer data and user behaviour to identify opportunities to optimise your existing site search or introduce new functionality to improve customer experience and drives sales.

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The Importance of Site Search Optimisation

  • Increased revenue
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased average order values
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Improved brand engagement
  • Uplifted organic sessions

Strengthen your site search capabilities with 9xb

Transform data into improved customer engagement

We’ll evaluate your site search data to uncover valuable information about what your visitors want and how they interact with your site to identify opportunities that will deliver more engaging experiences.

Keep customers coming back with integrated content

To help drive loyalty and deliver a competitive edge in the market, we’ll integrate rich content such as product support, guides, advice, FAQs and additional services into a single, unified experience.

Reduce “no results” occurrences

By anticipating user needs, we’ll promote discovery paths and optimise search tools to deliver best practice techniques, including; autocomplete, query suggestions and enhanced synonym libraries.

Improve conversions with effective merchandising

Start increasing conversions and create a lasting brand image by effectively merchandising key user journeys, highlighting bestsellers, relevant products and promotions, optimising product listings, and increasing the visibility of higher margin products.

Boost sales through personalised experiences

Customers spend 2.6x more when they use search. Let our experts create personalised site search experiences your customers will love by optimising experiences in line with their purchase history, demographics, behaviour and more.

Leverage site search tools for lightning-fast experiences

A visitor will abandon a slow site for competitors after 2 to 3 seconds. Our experts will review your existing search tools and outline key improvements or alternative technology to create a fast user experience that will boost engagement and retention.