Google Analytics 4

Smarter eCommerce tracking for online growth

The next generation of Google Analytics is designed with machine learning at its core and is set to be their most powerful website and app tracking tool yet.

Google Analytics 4 delivers predictive insights, cross-device measurements and more granular data controls that comply with stringent data regulations. 

Reporting will be significantly improved to shape successful strategies for online growth. And, as the default for Google’s latest tracking innovations, your eCommerce store will automatically receive the latest tools and features for improved data analysis. 

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Benefits of Google Analytics 4

  • Improved customer journey and engagement tracking
  • AI technology that powers predictive metrics for smarter learning
  • More powerful analyst tools to gain an accurate picture of customer behaviour
  • Simplified goals and event setup, including codeless tracking
  • Enhanced reporting to better decipher data
  • More granular and intelligent data controls designed for a cookie-less future

Upgrade your Analytics for smarter learning

Predictive metrics powered by AI

Automatically receive alerts to data trends through Google’s advanced machine learning models that anticipate future actions of your customers. All predictive insights, including calculating churn and purchase probability will be key indicators for onsite improvements.

Measure channel effectiveness

Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 automatically uncovers insights across devices and platforms to form a complete view of the customer lifecycle - from acquisition to retention. This all-rounded data will help to attract and retain customers.

Granular data controls

As pressures on how data is collected, managed and used continue to grow, GA4 has introduced favourable granular controls. Businesses can now choose when to use and limit their data to comply with data regulations such as GDPR.

Set up for a cookie-less future

Google plans to phase out third-party cookies by using machine learning to support the way data is captured, stored and used. The new analytics is designed to adapt to a cookie-less future, meaning you can track and measure results with confidence.

Codeless Event tracking

The new Analytics enables for quicker real-time event tracking, without the need to implement code or set up within Google Tag Manager for onsite actions. Making events easier and more efficient to create and manage.

Implementing Google Analytics 4

As the default property, we recommend installing GA4 in parallel with your existing Analytics. This will ensure you’re collating useful data whilst adapting to GA4. Our team is here to give expert advice so you can get the most out of your analytics.