Time to upgrade your website

Take action by 31 December 2021

From 31 December 2021, your website will no longer be supported.

Due to its age, the infrastructure on which your website is built will no longer be able to keep up with the advancements of modern technology such as web browsers, mobile devices and search engines. This may make it less secure, increasingly costly to maintain and less likely to meet your customers' expectations.

It’s now time to take action and upgrade your website.

Next steps

Your Account Manager will have already made initial contact regarding the ‘end of life’ of your website platform. Over the next coming weeks, we’ll arrange a time with you to discuss the best solutions that match your business needs.

Although the ‘end of support’ deadline is a year away, please bear in mind that any website migration will take time. Your Account Manager will continue to offer best practice advice and make migrating your website as seamless as possible.