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Getting your ERP and your website to communicate is a common challenge for trade and wholesale merchants. Our eCommerce platform, Peracto, has been developed together with Kerridge customers like you, helping them easily manage product availability, personalise the customer experience and maximise online revenue.

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Peracto integration:

  • Leading B2B headless eCommerce platform
  • Feature-rich CMS built in
  • Integrates with best-in-class SEO tool
  • Manage multiple parts and KITS
  • Customisable to your specific requirements
  • Secure, scalable and reliable 
  • Managed implementation 
  • Manage multiple sites through one instance
  • Supports product variations 
  • No ongoing license fees, unlike out of the box platforms

Leading UK distributor Arleigh Group boosts business operations through seamless integrations.

‘Getting our ERP and website to communicate has always been a challenge. Our PIM is the backbone to our business, so having a website partner who understands our infrastructure and a flexible platform that easily integrates with third party apps, means we can grow quickly’.

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Why choose 9xb for your eCommerce project:

Comprehensive product management

  • Automated product imports
  • Real time stock availability
  • Configurable products
  • KITS - easily manage the availability of parts
  • Supersession, tiered pricing and buying lists
  • Operational data on demand
  • Rich merchandising capabilities

eCommerce functionality

  • Product data and rich brand content in a single solution
  • Personalised stock and pricing
  • Best in class SEO and search functionality 
  • My Account - Retrieve all orders (not just web), invoices, statement, pay your account balance online
  • Flexible promotions module
  • Customised to your exact needs

Seamless buying experience for your customers

  • Web behaviour customised to account profiles to replicate key customer agreements online
  • Accurate and up-to-date data 
  • Multiple checkout options
  • UX designed by eCommerce experts
  • Algolia search to drive conversions
  • PunchOut’ functionality for real time authorisation and purchase orders

Flexibility to grow

  • Run multiple sites or add new eCommerce stores to support future acquisitions
  • Migrate your customers to online channels
  • Roadmap of new features to stay ahead of competitors
  • The platform that will evolve to meet the changing needs of your customers and your business

About 9xb

  • Award-winning eCommerce team
  • Committed to your success 
  • Agile and responsive to your needs 
  • Strategic thinking and technological excellence 
  • Experience integrating with Kerridge ERP - We’ll help you every step of the way
  • Large in-house technical team
  • Industry leading support and management