User research & testing

Actionable insights directly from your end-user.

Optimise every customer interaction

User research and testing enables us to understand how to improve your service, refine product features, support the launch of new products/ features or how and when to deliver site changes - all achieved directly from your end-user.

Using audience and data analytics, your dedicated eCommerce Consultant will help convert new browsers into lifelong customers.

How we work

In order to access these insights, we use a variety of reliable investigative methods, including:

Data analysis 

Using data-driven techniques and research analysis, we’ll help you understand your customers behaviour, their expectations and how you can improve.

Real-time feedback

Through mystery shoppers, user panels and engaging online surveys, we capture instant feedback directly from your customers.

A/B testing

We remove any doubt or guesswork by testing multiple variants in order to identify how your buyers prefer to shop.

Usability testing

We’ll evaluate your sites performance by combining usability tools and real-user feedback from the likes of surveys or focus groups.

Heat mapping

We use valuable tools that can identify where your customers navigate and click on your site to successfully optimise greater user journeys that covert.

Device testing

Our team review how your customers interact with your eCommerce store across every touchpoint, ensuring they receive an exceptional, connected experience.

Leading Manufacturer of portable radios uncover revenue boosting opportunities via user research and testing.

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