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Why choose 9xb for eCommerce Consultancy

Whether you’re looking to re-platform or need help to improve your existing store, our eCommerce consultancy service allows businesses to make key decisions on how to create a commercially successful online store. Our team of eCommerce consultants who have years of experience scoping web builds, one-off projects and delivering strategy, will deliver a thorough review of revenue building opportunities.

How we work

Take a look at some of the steps we take to uncover revenue boosting opportunities. 

Website audit and analysis

By analysing your Analytics and reviewing every page of your existing site, we can build an accurate profile of your users behaviour and utilise this to offer key recommendations that will increase conversions.

Competitor analysis 

This is an important stage when understanding where you sit in the market. By benchmarking your online store against your competitors we can identify essential improvements that will see you excel as a leader in your industry.

Market research 

We deliver comprehensive market research, including surveys, interviews, focus groups and customer observations, unveiling a greater understanding of your buyers wants and needs.

Proposition refinement

Changes in the market, your customer behaviour or competitors, your value proposition needs to be evaluated to ensure it retains your competitive distinctiveness.

Buyer personas

We build profiles of your key target audiences to understand what products they desire, how and when they prefer to shop and ensure your store caters for all your target audiences.

Content audit

Succinct, yet informative copy is key to any sale. We’ll closely assess your website content to evaluate both strengths and weaknesses.

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