Transforming manufacturers into market leaders

Increase margins and boost growth

Strong eCommerce capabilities are what underpins successful manufacturers. At 9xb, our technology and team of eCommerce experts deliver sales enhancing features and strategy that , including; tiered pricing, descriptive product pages and desired delivery options are just a number of key features that support a great user experience that B2B buyers now expect. 

Partner with a Manufacturer specialist

At 9xb, we specialise in B2B eCommerce, accelerating manufacturers online growth through our leading platform and onsite solutions. 

We do this by developing best-in-class eCommerce stores using our leading B2B platform and maximise margins through tailored onsite strategy. 

That’s why we are the preferred partner for many leading trade Manufacturers across the automotive, electrical, plumbing and kitchen industries.

Simplify complex operations with a powerful platform

Improve efficiencies, increase orders and reduce the risk of errors through automated processes that are delivered through seamless integrations with your ERP.

  • Integrate with custom or leading business systems 
  • Powerful CMS for the ultimate control 
  • Strong complex catalog management capabilities
  • Drive an omnichannel strategy through one API

Leverage D2C strategy to drive higher margins

Boost your market share through a direct-to-consumer channel that will increase revenue without relying on your reseller or channel partners.

  • Increased control over brand messaging and consumer engagement
  • Build stronger relationships directly with the end user
  • Manage D2C channel seamlessly with your existing B2B model 
  • Omnichannel experience through a headless platform

Migrate traditional buyers online

We’ll deliver a tailored strategy fit for your business to boost profit margins, reduce operational costs and improve your customer experience.

  • Customer journey mapping for increased site usability
  • We’ll help define your value proposition and messaging 
  • Produce onboarding material such as videos for higher adoption rates
  • Personalised campaign landing pages that align to migration messaging

Download Manufacturers Fact sheet

We know there’s a lot to digest when looking to partner with an eCommerce agency. Download our takeaway fact sheet to see why we would make a great fit for your business.

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