Global mapping software specialist on road to digital success

Geoplan specialise in providing mapping solutions to improve route, site and territory networks by identifying efficiency savings. A clear online proposition and digital strategy to reach their target audience was the first step in positioning the business as a leading player in the global mapping market. Continually optimised landing pages and user journeys have increased leads generated each month, and as a result, Geoplan has won a number of high profile clients. 


Increase in leads generated


Increased page views


Increase in lead conversion

Redesigned website

9xb developed a new website, refining and updating the content and user experience whilst also providing the functionality to offer their software as an ‘out of the box’ online purchase.

Campaign landing page

Optimised landing pages with clear CTA generate inbound leads.

Campaign email

Regular email communications to growing database drive traffic to the website, build trust, and encourage prospects to take the next step in the buying journey.

Targeted display ads

Display ads and contextual targeting used to reach relevant prospects based on criteria such as visits to competitor websites and search terms.

Key features

New website with refined content and eCommerce functionality

Refined proposition using pilot campaigns and landing pages Immediate traffic from strategic PPC campaign

Better lead quality has led to improved sales conversions

A/B testing of landing pages and CTA (free trial, demo, get in touch, find out more) to define optimal customer journey

UX Design

Website Development

Management & Support

Social Marketing

Email Marketing

Direct Mail

Paid Search

As with many businesses, we are “face down” in dealing with our day-to-day work, whilst striving to achieve our broader vision. 9xb has brought a steady and progressive calm by quietly taking the “load” and helping us operate within the digital marketplace. I have absolute trust in the team working with me. They “have our back” and I see them as a true extension of my business.