Why You Should Consider Selling On Amazon


In the digital age it is becoming increasingly rare for those with a high street presence not to take advantage of the different channels available to sell online. Selling online allows retailers to reach a wider audience, it is reported that 41% of the globe’s internet users purchase online. Think of it like this, would you open a shop on an unheard street in town, when you could own a stall within a busy marketplace where consumers already are? This also applies to your online presence, be it your website or a digital marketplace, such as Amazon.

Today’s ecommerce industry is multichannel and the retailers whom embrace the ‘sell anywhere to sell more’ attitude are the most successful. There is no shortage of platforms to sell your product online, the difficulty is choosing the one that suits your brand’s needs. One of the top online selling platforms across the world is Amazon.

Amazon boasts nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors. Based upon the scale of consumers it attracts, retailers find it easy to get their products in front on them. Aside from its popularity and easy setup, there are many benefits to selling your products on Amazon:

Increase in Sales?

The majority of online shoppers head directly to Amazon to look for products they need or want. By integrating your products onto Amazon’s marketplace platform, you could see an increase in your overall sales figure. Amazon report that on average retailers using their online marketplace see a 50% increase in sales upon joining the site.

Free Marketing?

Amazon allow customers to leave feedback, testimonials and ratings on products they have purchased. Your potential customers will see any feedback left on your products which could influence them to convert. Being able to see the experience others have had can strongly motivate other consumers to purchase a product. On top of that, Amazon has an automatic system in place which recommends products to customers that are closely related to something they are looking at. Your product could show up as a recommended product to potential buyers giving you further exposure.

Tips and Advice

To help you become more successful in your marketing tactics, Amazon actually offer tips for retailers. They also provide advice on how to ensure a safe transaction on site each time.

Own App

Amazon has its own app which is optimised and responsive. This means consumers can browse and purchase whilst on the move without frustrating mobile user experiences.

Other benefits include gaining new consumers who may purchase from you again. Along with an easy, secure checkout and fulfilment process for retailers and consumers.

The downside to selling on Amazon include the marketplace fees, which can vary depending on category. Other disadvantages are the restrictions on being able to brand your business, and an inability to capture data from consumers whom have bought your products. Without this data you are unable to market to them in future.

If you want to sell on Amazon and rank above the competition you need to ensure you optimise your products for maximum visibility. For example use effective, relevant keywords to ensure you appear in Amazon’s SERPs. If you are interested in selling your product(s) and expanding your customer reach by using a digital marketplace such as Amazon, please get in touch with the 9xb team.

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