Google Takes Big Step To Improve Audience Targeting Across Devices


Search giant Google announced big changes in January which, for the first time will allow advertisers to target their audience on YouTube across devices.

Google are developing a new, cloud-based measurement solution over the next year that will allow brands to have access to more detailed insights from their Youtube campaigns across devices. This means that brands can understand the impact of their campaigns on their high value customers better than before, whilst continuing to protect user privacy and security across Google and YouTube.

Over 50% of YouTube views are now on mobile and Google are dead set on making it easier for brands to deliver more relevant and useful ads.

Diya Jolly, Director of YouTube Product Management said: “As more viewership on YouTube shifts to mobile, we’re making it easier for advertisers to deliver more relevant, useful ads across screens. Now, information from activity associated with users’ Google accounts (such as demographic information and past searches) may be used to influence the ads those users see on YouTube.”

For example, if your brand sells homeware, you could reach potential customers that have been searching for homeware products on Google and target them through your homeware brand campaign when they are most likely to purchase.

Google are continuing to create new ways for brands to use their customer data to reach their highest value customers on YouTube via Customer Match i.e. the same homeware retail brand could reach customers that signed up to receive a special offer in the past.

The reason Google continue to invest in platforms such as YouTube is that users are now moving away from legacy technologies such as the desktop web.

As a result, Google have stated that they will be limiting the use of cookies and pixels on Youtube starting this year. Users will have more choice over how they are shown ads on Google and YouTube and brands will have better opportunities to be at the forefront when their audience is watching.

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