Gold Rush: Porsche Provides Express Delivery Solution


9xb client, Baird & Co made national headlines in January after enlisting the help of Porsche to transport £10m of gold across London.

The London based bullion merchants needed to relocate a total of 24 solid gold bars to their new state-of-the art underground vault in Hatton Gardens and challenged Porsche to provide a high-speed solution.

The German sports car giant responded by providing three, 190mph Porsche Panamera hatchbacks. Flanked by four police outriders and tracked by a helicopter, the supercar convoy, each with £3.3million of gold bullion in the boot, successfully negotiated the streets of London without incident.

9xb built and maintain Baird & Co's online gold bullion trading platform. The state-of-the-art application features high levels of security and live precious metal feeds and tiered pricing.

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