An Extra Slice of Sales on Valentine’s Day


How do you reach 300,000 Valentine’s gift buyers, clock-up 149,000 video views, double social referrals and grab an extra slice of online sales - in just two days?

Valentine’s Day - you either love it or loathe it. But, where there’s noise, there’s opportunity...

English Cheesecake Company, who deliver delicious cakes in the post, challenged us to make sure their brand was heard above the noise this February.

After the mandatory agency brainstorm we started - stereotypically - with a dash to the local garage to grab a bunch of red roses.

Then - armed with just an iPhone, flowers and a delicious dessert - we shot a homemade-style video highlighting that, when it comes to roses or cheescake, there really is no contest!

Using targeted social ads, email and a campaign landing page, we promoted the witty clip alongside clever ‘drop a hint’ messaging, prompting cheesecake-lovers to give their other half a cheeky nudge - whilst increasing reach and collecting customer data at the same time.

February ended with sales up 10%, whilst ad spend was significantly down. Plus, the English Cheesecake Company brand has reached a whole new audience of future customers too.

So, how did we grab an extra slice of sales this Valentine’s Day? Quick thinking and creativity, that’s how!

If you like to know more about how we can add energy, enthusiasm and ideas to your digital marketing activity, give us a call today.

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