Engage Your Audience With Video


Video content continues to dominate mobile internet usage and has become increasingly key to business growth. On average in the UK we engage with nearly 10 hours of digital content per day, so it comes as no surprise that digital accounts for over half of all media consumption.

Consumers reach for their mobile devices when they need or want something, with greater control in choosing to seek out their content instead of being interrupted with it; they are already actively engaged.

Mobile users are not only more likely to watch marketing videos, they are also more likely to share them. On Facebook, video is the most shared content type, these ‘word of mouth’ shares help generate further brand engagement with cost effective minimal effort.

The majority of consumers accept that advertising is part of their online experience, they expect adverts to be high quality and tailored towards their interests. Delivering relevant and tailored video adverts is partly about technology and data. By using attribution algorithms you can track a user’s browser activity, enabling you to confirm their interests. Correlating this information can help you deliver the correct adverts to the correct user.

Video marketing content must be consistent with a strong message and your company’s branding. Be sure to adhere to best practice for video marketing by addressing a specific audience and discussing the want or need that the product/service is designed to fulfil. Videos should be brief, to the point and not overloaded with details. Evoke an emotional response which will spark interest with the viewer.

If video is something you want to introduce into your marketing strategy, get in touch with our team today.

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