Driving email engagement with animation


Animated GIFs are now commonplace in email and content marketing. When used well, they add value to the message, helping to highlight cool features, and encourage engagement and action. 

We have worked on a variety of integrated digital marketing campaigns for leading eCommerce brands, and regularly use GIF’s in our emails. Here we have picked examples of some of our best performing emails, showing how animations can be used to drive engagement and increase click through.

In this example, the call to action is the focus. A stripped back email with clear product benefits and emphasis on ‘Shop Now’ encourages the reader to take that next step.

Here, the animation is more sophisticated to suit a higher value purchase, but helps draw attention to the product which is usually hidden away inside the basin. As this is an innovative system that many people won’t have seen before, it would be hard to understand what the product is and its benefits without the animation, so there is a clear value add. In addition, the main benefits are clearly listed.

In this example, the focus is on the brand names, which are brought to life through animation. Repetition of the word ‘big’ helps to reinforce the message and encourage the reader to click through and find out more.

A tin of paint isn’t the most exciting product, but in this example we used animation to clearly highlight what the product does, while adding some fun and excitement to what otherwise could be construed as a mundane job.

In summary, GIFs should help to reinforce your message, highlight the most important parts of your email, emphasise features of your product or service, and add some fun or excitement.

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