9xb set the wheels in motion for UK launch of Italy’s leading sports nutrition brand for cyclists


NAMEDSPORT>’s journey began in May 2014 when the founder Andrea Rosso formed a partnership with Named Spa, the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy, with the aim of producing products for sportspeople using the best raw materials & formulations available.

Their aim is to improve athlete’s knowledge of sports nutrition by providing quality sports nutrition advice and products. This winning synergy of scientific knowhow and sports nutrition experience led to the rapid growth of the NAMEDSPORT> brand in Italy, and the decision to expand into the UK and other markets. We were delighted to be chosen to help the brand establish their presence in the UK.

Phase 1: TEAM NAMEDSPORT> is born

Through our initial discussions with the NAMEDSPORT> team, it was clear that creating a loyal base of fans who felt a connection with the brand was important to the business. From these discussions, TEAM NAMEDSPORT> was born, along with a loyalty campaign to encourage sign up in return for rewards. NAMEDSPORT> supplied us with samples of their HYDRAFIT> hypotonic energy drink. People who joined the ‘team’ receive a free sample, as well as exclusive offers, training and nutrition advice.

A specific campaign landing page was built with strong messaging and a clear call to action. We also leveraged known UCI world tour cycling team names to engender trust and build NAMEDSPORT>’s credibility.

The landing page:

To get the promotion in front of the right audience, Facebook ads were used to target cycling and road cycling fanatics, utilising a campaign video with a simplified message. The call to action was simple. Join TEAM NAMEDSPORT>.

An example of the Facebook ad:

The landing page converted very successfully, at a rate of 40%, generating a significant number of sample requests and new TEAM NAMEDSPORT> members.

Phase 2: An offer too good to refuse

Once phase one was complete, we worked with NAMEDSPORT> to create a starter bundle which contained core products such as a full size Hydrafit, an energy shot and best selling energy bars. Offered to new subscribers, who were still unfamiliar with the brand and its products, this encouraged a small first purchase, whilst at the same time giving exposure to the complete range so they could find the right product for them.

This bundle was promoted via email, and through a website product page and offered with free next day delivery. The page maintained the focus on recognisable names in professional cycling, but added lifestyle photography showcasing successful sports people with NAMEDSPORT> products.

NAMEDSPORT> Starter Bundle

To engage TEAM NAMEDSPORT> members further, relevant emails were sent to them along the way, including despatch progress updates and an email asking for their feedback on the HYDRAFIT>sample. This encouraged them to visit the website and take a look at the full offering, but also helped to build trust and advocacy through great customer service.

TEAM NAMEDSPORT> continues to grow and gain momentum, with further exciting campaign initiatives planned.

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