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Lead Front-end Developer

We're looking for a Lead Front-End Developer who has a passion for eCommerce and ability to drive core projects within the agency.

Job Overview

Reporting to: Commercial Director
Working hours: 37.5 hours per week / Flexi-time. Core hours 9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Remote (UK)/Leeds/Harrogate.

We're looking for a Lead Front-End Developer who has a passion for eCommerce and ability to drive core projects within the agency.

As a strong team player, you'll be able to easily collaborate with multiple teams, including UX consultants, UX designers, project managers and back-end developers to produce and deliver first-class client work.

You will be responsible for taking ownership of 9xb's front-end technology stack and be a main point of contact to provide front-end consultancy to the wider business.

You'll also be commercially minded with a key awareness around the impact of meeting client objectives, timelines and deliverables.


Produce high-quality, client-side web applications and functionality

- Translate visual designs, tickets and project briefs into high-quality, client-side web experiences
- Develop new user-facing features and functionality that deliver best-in-class experiences
- Ensure all operational aspects of applications meet non-functional requirements (NFRs)
- Maintain a thorough understanding of native UI for mobile and cross-platform implications
- Ensure all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
- Work alongside project stakeholders and scrum teams in an agile workflow
- Ensure all work is delivered to current performance, quality, accessibility and SEO best practice
- Mitigate regression by working with the QA team to implement appropriate testing

Provide front-end consultancy and resource to the wider business

- Validate the technical feasibility of designs created by the UX team
- Provide actionable recommendations to improve user-centric experiences
- Collaborate effectively with team members and stakeholders to give and take constructive criticism
- Support existing projects and features across multiple platforms, software stacks and generations
- Maintain a close working relationship with UX Consultants, UX Designers and Back-End Developers
- Collaborate with UX Designers to deliver engaging, interactive elements

Ownership of 9xb’s front end technology stack

- Review, define and clearly communicate front-end related Non-functional Requirements (NFRs)
- Ensure all work delivered by front-end team is delivered in line with current NFRs and best practices
- Own the continued development of our eCommerce platform’s front-end framework (Peracto)
- Provide support on the implementation of front-end tools, storefronts, features and frameworks
- Ensure all products, tools, features and frameworks remain up-to-date, portable, scalable, maintainable and commercially viable
- Provide support and documentation for all technical related front end subjects to the wider business
- Provide expertise, advice, mentoring and support to all team members to maximise their output
- Collaborate with Team Lead to proactively improve interdepartmental procedures and workflow
- Take ownership of key front-end projects and ensure they are delivered to a high standard
- Provide insight into new technology trends, opportunities and threats that could impact our offering
- Play an active role in the recruitment of front-end developers

Commercial awareness

- Ensure all work is delivered in line with client and business objectives
- Ensure high client satisfaction by consistently delivering high-quality work, on time and to budget
- Provide accurate estimates by ensuring you have a complete understanding of project requirements
- Proactively communicate issues, challenges and blockers early to manage stakeholder expectations
- Find innovative and efficient solutions to new challenges
- Build reusable code and libraries to improve efficiency and maintainability
- Ensure careful management of spend on tools and resources

Continuing professional development

- Consistently lead by example in terms of performance, attitude and professionalism
- Maintain proficiency in industry-standard front-end tools, software and applications
- Stay up to date with latest technology and trends through reading and on-demand learning
- Retain an in-depth understanding of core front-end technologies
- Actively mentor colleagues transferring experience, expertise and knowledge to the wider team
- Keep up to date with the latest eCommerce best practice principles
- Adhere to workplace policies and procedures to maintain efficiency & professionalism
- Additional tasks, projects and training as agreed with your line manager

  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Experience with 9xb's Tech Stack:
    - NextJS as a base React framework
    - State management tools such as Zustand/MobX
    - Styling frameworks including Chakra UI and TailwindCSS
    - CSS-in-JS solutions including Emotion/Styled Components
    - Workflow management tools including Husky, Prettier, ESLint, Commitlint etc.
    - Analysis tools including webpack bundle analyzer for debugging bundle sizes
    - Monorepo management tools including Lerna/Yarn workspaces

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