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UK’s largest gold refinery leverages the benefits of a flexible platform to overcome complex eCommerce challenges.


Founded in 1967, Baird & Co is one of the UK’s leading full service bullion traders, manufacturers and refiners. Trading in a heavily regulated industry, Baird needed to overcome numerous technical challenges that would allow them to successfully trade online, including the ability to showcase live pricing, automate purchasing and verify identity.


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Live pricing

The precious metal markets constantly trades, due to this, the value of metal fluctuates, impacting cost of sale. With a live feed tool, Baird can confidently show the latest pricing across all products, in 5 different currencies. Customers are given 3 minutes to checkout before the prices in their basket automatically update, thereby ensuring the latest data is applied. And, in the unlikely event the price feed experiences downtime, trading will be automatically suspended to ensure metals are not purchased at an incorrect price.

Bespoke account area

As a premium business who offers a first-class in person experience in their exquisite Hatton Garden Showroom, Baird required a custom account area that would mirror the same quality experience. Within the custom account area, account holders can easily access and manage their investment, including adding funds, review purchase history and automatically sell/purchase metals.

Real-time ID verification

Reducing risks of fraud and money laundering, users are able to quickly and securely verify their identity in order to purchase high-valued precious metals. Powered by GBG ID3global, the real-time ID verification tool allows users to upload ID documents which are then subsequently cross checked via AI facial recognition and external databases to validate identity.

Automated trading tool

Along with the account area features listed above, Baird account holders can take advantage of automatic triggers set by their own custom criteria. This includes the ability to buy and sell reserve or physical metal and set price alerts to be received via SMS or email - all which are executed automatically. 

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