If you’ve been here earlier in the week, you might have read our bemoaning some awful results cropping in the "pages from the UK" search on Google. Well, it seems that the deluge of complaints from people like us has filtered through to the guys there and normal service should be resumed soon.

A brief pause for a heartfelt ’phew’...

Matt Cutts - a blogger who works for Google answers the question in his latest update. If you don’t have the wherewithal to trawl through the techy stuff, here’s what he had to say:

"An SEO or two has been holding my feet to the fire about root pages of .com’s that are hosted outside the US. In some (pretty rare) circumstances, you’ll see the root page when you search site:domain.com on google.co.uk for the "search the web" option but you won’t see the root page when you switch to "search pages from the UK". I thought we’d nailed this issue in December, but we found another way that this can happen. I believe a fix has been submitted and is percolating its way through the system."

If that’s still all Greek to you - it means that you should see better results for the "pages from the UK" option in the next week or so.

Today’s Moral?

Google might be a massive company - but they know the value of listening to what their customers are telling them. Although it has taken more time than we would have liked (understandable given the complexity of what they do) they took what we said in board and acted on it. A lesson we could all do with heeding.